What They Are Saying...
"We want to thank you - THANK YOU for bringing all of the poverty research, strategies and curriculum together into such a lively and informative presentation! We sincerely appreciate your expertise and willingness to partner with us in our efforts to address the teaching and learning needs of children of poverty."
Markey Bee
Associate Director, Center of Excellence
Franklin Marion University
Florence, South Carolina
"Dr. Zadina's keynote and presentation were excellent additions to the CAEPA conference. I am sure our evaluations will reflect as much. The standing room only crowd for the session was certainly a testament to the interest of the attendees."
Maureen Rudy, MNM 
Family Literacy Specialist 
Metropolitan State University  
Denver, Colorado
I just want to thank you for coming to Northwest Iowa Community College for our 21st Century Teaching and Learning Conference. Evaluations of your keynote and breakout session were extremely high. Here is just one comment given on the evaluation:

“Dr. Janet Zadina was excellent. Great communicator. Clear message. Very applicable to me as an educator. I could have listened to her all day.”
Arlyn D. Schaap
Title III Activity Director
Northwest Iowa Community College
"Dr. Zadina was, of course, awesome! The teachers have told me that they experienced the best professional learning that they have had in the district. Great start to the new year! Many thanks to Dr. Zadina for making the day a true success!"
Margaret McKenzie
World Languages Coordinator
Atlanta Public Schools
"At each conference that I attend, there is almost always one gem that shines brighter...Dr. Zadina's information seemed essential to all aspects of developmental studies, whether teaching math, reading, writing, or study skills. I am convinced that taking this one diamond in your hand and examining it closely will reveal all sorts of hidden facets in your own teaching methodologies, just as it has for me."
Sarah Stecher
President of OKADE
Oklahoma Association of Developmental Education
"The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and our attendance was record breaking. The neurons were firing and the dendrites were wiring! It was a pure neuro networking opportunity."
Niran Kheder
Professional Development Committee
Schoolcraft College, Livonia, Michigan

“Among the various activities aimed at improving teachers’ level of expertise in terms of technology and methodology in ELT (English Language Teaching) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language), Dr. Janet Zadina’s lively presentation literally captured the audience making teachers aware of the many pathways by which the brain can learn, how second language impacts the learning pathways and how learning can become difficult in post-traumatic situations... We were all touched
by her empathy and her spontaneous wish to come to L’Aquila.”

“Having Janet Zadina in L’Aquila made us feel less lonely, more supported and cared for.”
Anna Maria Nanni, a teacher in L’Aquila, Italy, where Janet Zadina’s talked to teachers a
few months after an earthquake destroyed the city in 2009. Excerpts below from the
TESOL-Italy Newsletter - March/April, 2010 
“The field of developmental education is greatly enhanced by having an internationally recognized, dynamic speaker bridging the knowledge gap between what happens in the science and research world and what is happening in the classroom. She is an ambassador from the research end, helping instructors become better teachers and she is an
excellent ambassador as an educator, helping the other scientists appreciate the world of the classroom…

 I think Dr. Janet Zadina is a powerful “tool” in the next page of the growth of the developmental education profession by connecting the worlds of the developmental educator and the neuroscientists who are researching how the brain functions and learns. I believe this will become a more important partnership as time goes on and more and more brain research is completed. 

We offered a session primarily to students and she was so effective at explaining the material to the developmental students in attendance. Speaking to the students later, they expressed excitement about the new understanding they had about how their brains learn.”
Ursula Sohns, M.ED.
Professor, Developmental Studies, Lone Star College-North Harris

​"Community college professionals at all levels – from secretaries and accounting clerks to faculty to chancellors and trustees – attend our convention, and they all raved about Dr. Zadina’s presentation. At the conclusion of her speech, I was overwhelmed by the number of people telling me that she was the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had. I was especially impressed by the fact that each attendee was processing the information she provided in terms of their own job. It was just great."
Zora Mulligan
Executive Director
Missouri Community College Association
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Janet N. Zadina, Ph.D
Brain Research and Instruction

Science and Strategies
Janet N. Zadina, Ph.D
Brain Research and Instruction
Bridging Neuroscience and Education​

"Science and Strategies"
"As I listened to Janet Zadina speak about trauma and its effects on learning, I felt as if she were speaking directly to me about my son. He was the victim of several years of bullying. The years since have been a challenge to say the least but listening to Janet describe the whys and wherefores of his struggles in the classroom and at home brought a hope my family that we feared lost forever. She recommends a variety of exercises to prepare students to learn which will work for those suffering from trauma or not. I know this “testimonial” may sound a little too passionate but this is something that offers to change our family in the most positive way we have found. Janet, you and your research are a true answer to prayer!"
Sharon Luczak
Staff Assistant
Police Department
Lone Star College System - University Park
"I feel empowered, rejuvenated!
The presentation was fabulous!
You were absolutely amazing!
I had an epiphany!
I feel happier. It was great and extremely helpful.
I liked the activities that I could use with students immediately.
I have concrete Action Plans for my class and for me personally.
The presentation was excellent! (truly)
Informative, engaging, eye-opening
Loved it!
Time flew (5 hours). I really enjoyed it.
I feel like I have a tool box to use in my classroom."
Comments from attendees at Dr. Zadina's recent talk on stress and trauma.
Whitesboro, NY
Learning Under Anxiety, 
Stress, & Trauma
"At our training this year the guest speaker was Dr. Janet Nay Zadina. She was a former teacher and now an educational neuroscientist. I have gone to these mandatory training for years and she was the most noteworthy presenter I have heard. Listening to her I could feel her passion for education. She was not there to just pick up a speaker’s paycheck. Instead she wanted to instill the importance of helping college students grow in successful ways."
Frank Coulson M. Ed., LPC, 
Adjunct Professor at Northeast Lakeview College, Universal City, TX
"I wish we had more time. Maybe we can schedule a part two. People here are anxious for a full workshop because the knowledge and training helps us be more humane towards our students and each other making this a better place to be and work. One woman said God placed her in the room that morning to hear what you had to say. Many of the positive comments are coming from staff and administrators. You were fabulous - informative and funny. Janet, when you schedule these sessions, include everyone--not just teachers." 
Paula Khalaf 
Professor Developmental English and Faculty Senate President
Lone Star College - University Park, Houston, TX.
"My colleagues and I are still talking about the educational and classroom applications you shared with us, and I heard from more than one faculty member that it was the most interesting FDD presentation we've had in recent years. I really enjoyed learning about how the brain learns."
Robin Rogers
Assistant Professor, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
"I am receiving emails, phone calls, and folks stopping me in the halls telling me that your session was the best they had ever attended. You truly connected with faculty, staff, and administrators."
Alma Martinez-Egger, Director of Staff Development|Center for Teaching & Learning
Tarrant County College District