Dr. Janet Zadina, Ph.D.

“Changing Lives with Science & Strategies”
​   "Powerful!"  "Engaging!"  "Innovative!"  "Life Changing!" are just a few of the words audiences use to describe concepts and presentations by Janet Zadina, Ph.D.  Dr. Zadina is an internationally renowned speaker, consultant, author, and former high school and community college teacher.  She is known for her extraordinary ability to inform, educate, and empower audiences with the scholarly and credible brain research and teachings.    
    Dr. Zadina has made such an impact on the academic and education communities that Society for Neuroscience honored her with the prestigious 2011 Science Educator Award. This recognition solidified her reputation as an educator of high credentials making significant contributions to public education and raising awareness of critical issues in the field of educational neuroscience. Through her impactful, powerful, and entertaining presentations and transformational workshops, Dr. Zadina is changing the way teachers, students, and even business professionals understand and utilize the brain.

    Dr. Zadina’s determination to tear down brain myths and build up lives was born from her personal experiences with students with dyslexia and their learning struggles. When she learned that a new “window” into the brain was possible with neuroimaging, she knew she had to go back to school and learn neuroscience. She earned a Ph.D. in Education while conducting MRI research on neurodevelopmental language disorders at Tulane Medical School, where she then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in cognitive neuroscience.. 

    Dr. Zadina bridges the fields of education and neuroscience through her visionary work and the magic of her presentations. Her years of research, writing, and teaching enable her to speak out and educate others with science and strategies to transform education. As founder and CEO of Brain Research and Instruction, she teaches and models best practices in educational neuroscience when presenting keynote speeches and workshops worldwide. She has been honored as a Distinguished Fellow in the Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations (CLADEA), among other honors. She is the author of reading and learning textbooks for students as well as professional development books for teachers, including Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain. She is co-founder of the Butterfly Project, a pro-bono initiative designed to help educators who have experienced natural disasters.  

Who is Dr. Z?
Educational Neuroscientist

  • Experienced in neuroimaging studies of language disorders as cognitive neuroscientist

  • Experienced classroom instructor at high school and community college levels

  • Experienced international presenter bridging brain research and instruction
Credibility and Background Knowledge Sets Her Apart

To give your faculty the most credible and informative information on brain research and learning, hire someone with credentials and experience in both fields. Dr. Zadina is that rare individual.
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Janet N. Zadina, Ph.D
Brain Research and Instruction

Science and Strategies
Janet N. Zadina, Ph.D
Brain Research and Instruction
Bridging Neuroscience and Education​

"Science and Strategies"